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Posted by Jeffrey Geiman on Dec 15, 2014 2:15:08 PM

Material choice is vital to the success of your commercial or industrial projects. You will need materials that are adaptable to almost any application. Though metal has been a common choice among design engineers and manufacturers in the past, today’s modernized applications can stand to benefit more from the use of plastic.

Plastics deliver superior resiliency and high design flexibility to parts and components. These plastics can be fabricated using several methods, such as molding or thermoforming—your choice will ultimately depend on the requirements of your application.

To provide potential clients with information on cost-effective fabrication processes, ideal material selection, and the overall advantages of plastics, McClarin Plastics has created an online Resource Library. Completely free to use, our resource library offers information in the form of in-depth eBooks, case studies, and other documents that make full use of our 60-year industrial experience.

Resources We Provide

Within the McClarin Resource Library, you will find the following helpful documents:

  • materialselection_mcclarincoverThe Importance of Material Selection When Using the Thermoforming Process – This eBook describes the efficiency and flexibility that thermoforming provides parts and components. Thermoplastics are widely used for automotive, food storage, and aircraft applications; and they include materials such as ABS, polyethylene, and acrylics. You will learn about various plastic materials in addition to their characteristics. 

  • Material_Selection_eBookDesign-Build for Industry: A Hybrid Approach – Design is a critical step in project development, so our team developed this case study to encourage clients to choose manufacturers with extensive industrial design capabilities. This case study sheds light on the hybrid design-build method and discusses common design barriers faced by companies.


  • Plastics_Advantage_eBookThe Plastics Advantage – This case study details the abundant advantages plastic materials have over metals. Due to several technological innovations over recent years, plastics have greater resistance to corrosion and impact, higher adaptability during the design phase, and can reduce fuel and energy consumption in diverse applications.


  • turnkey_manufacturing_cover_assembly_portfolioTurnkey Manufacturing of an Engine Cover AssemblyMcClarin technicians created 2,000 engine cover assemblies for a popular construction equipment manufacturer, and this case study discusses the techniques we used to complete this project—thermoforming, sanding and priming, and spray painting and coating. This project was successfully completed with a quick 10-day turnaround.


  • ISO Certification – McClarin complies with the ISO 9001 requirements for designing and manufacturing plastic components. Our quality management system is first-rate, and we are proud to offer our ISO certificate for your records.


At McClarin Plastics, we are constantly supplementing our Resource Library with new documents and information, so be sure to check back often to learn how plastics can benefit your next project.

If you have questions pertaining to any of our plastic fabrication services, contact us today.