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McClarin Plastics Receives Visit from Governor Corbett

Posted by Jeffrey Geiman on Oct 23, 2014 4:08:00 PM

The state of Pennsylvania has undergone significant changes in recent years, some of which be attributed to its governor, Tom Corbett. Recently, Gov. Corbett visited McClarin Plastics’ corporate facilities in Hanover to discuss some of the changes that have occurred under his administration.

IMG_0415_28129The Governor met with a select group of McClarin’s Executive Board, which included the company’s President Todd Kennedy, to take part in a special forum. During this forum, Corbett wanted to touch on several relevant topics, such as Pennsylvania’s growing economy and the increase of women in state leadership roles.

We began by discussing the state’s impact fees in regards to the Marcellus Shale industry. If you are unaware, the Marcellus Shale is a geological formation of sedimentary rock with abundant natural energy resources. In 2012, legislators passed the Act 13 bill, which lead to these impact fees. These fees are charged to every gas and oil well operating in the Shale formation, and Corbett said impact fees have generated a lot of revenue for the state.

Under Gov. Corbett, $1.7 billion in corporate taxes has been obtained from impact fees, and $400 million has been returned right back into Pennsylvania’s local communities. Impacts fees were weighed against possible severance taxes in the future, but Gov. Corbett mentioned that severance taxes would raise tax rates on gas and oil companies much higher than that of competing states’ rates.

Since all industry revenue generated by Pennsylvania is taxed by both corporate and personal income taxes, our state currently has the highest corporate net income tax in the world. Due to this fact, the consensus in the room was to try to avoid any severance taxes—the topic is still under statewide debate.

Gov. Corbett was happy to report that several new employment opportunities were recently made available to Pennsylvanians; under Corbett, more than 200,000 jobs have been added to the Shale industry.

P1200043_28129The Governor also took the time to discuss the state’s increasing number of women in leadership roles. We talked about the how Corbett has garnered support from the Women for Corbett-Cawley Coalition due to his incorporation of several women into diverse roles of power within his administration.

Did you know that last year Corbett appointed Pennsylvania’s first female chief of staff? Leslie Gromis-Baker was named for the position, and she is very accomplished in the political world; in addition to serving as Corbett’s federal government liaison, Gromis-Baker once worked closely with George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush during their respective presidencies. Additionally, there are currently seven women serving at the head of Pennsylvania’s state agencies—all of whom are collectively responsible for nearly 80 percent of the state’s budget.

At McClarin Plastics, we are always delighted to be visited by our honorable governor, and we are proud to support him and work he has accomplished for our state. 

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