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Testing Capabilities at McClarin Plastics

Posted by McClarin Plastics on Sep 9, 2015 2:05:00 PM

At McClarin Plastics, we go out of our way to employ a number of testing capabilities above and beyond those used by other plastics manufacturers. We use both mechanical and molecular testing on materials to determine their strengths and weaknesses before the research and development phase.

mccpOur testing process helps us minimize the amount of trial and error during development of products for our customer, so that we can bring them to market quickly and effectively. It has also allowed us to develop a database of material properties, which we use to help our customers select appropriate materials for their projects.

While our labs are not certified the tests that we conduct on our materials, comply with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) guidelines, include:

  • Flexural test — Used to determine material strength when bent
  • Tensile test — Used to determine material strength when stretched
  • Impact test — Used to determine material strength when impacted

Flexural Test

Flexural and tensile tests are the most common tests used to qualify materials for given applications.

Flexural testing provides two important values: flexural strength and flexural modulus. These values tell us the materials overall stiffness, and how much of a load it can support before bending.

Tensile Test

Tensile testing yields three important values: Modulus of elasticity, or general material toughness; elongation, or how much stretch and deformation a material can withstand; and tensile strength.

Tensile strength itself is divided into three separate measurements: Ultimate, or the absolute highest pull force a material can withstand; yield, or the pull force at which a material permanently deforms; and break, or the force at which a material breaks.

Impact Test

Impact tests are used to determine how a material reacts when impacted with various loads. This information helps us to identify materials suitable for what you need to package, and to design products to minimize points of stress concentration.

McClarin Plastics does all that we can to ensure that the materials we use and the products we design are of the highest quality possible. Visit the Mechanical & Molecular Testing Capabilities page of our website to learn about the other tests we use and how they lead to better end results for you.

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