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The High Value of Contract Manufacturing

Posted by Jeffrey Geiman on Aug 15, 2013 11:10:00 AM

In today’s challenging manufacturing environment, many industries are rethinking their processes and taking a closer look at their manufacturing methods. To stay competitive, many industrial manufacturers find they must streamline and consolidate. Working with a contract manufacturer like McClarin Plastics, Inc. is like having a partner that you can collaborate with to keep your core business your main focus.

McClarin Plastics’ contract manufacturing is a specialized area of manufacturing. It goes beyond just product manufacturing: As a full service contract manufacturer we incorporate designing as well, making for a hybrid Design-Build approach that increases the overall benefit to the customer.

McClarin Plastics is a Contract ManufacturerAs many manufacturers may realize when it comes to product development, it is often not viable to maintain a full-time design staff.  In working with McClarin, we offer those services in a cost effective way by providing expert design capabilities while maintaining reasonable product costs.

McClarin’s hybrid design-build capabilities provide custom contract manufacturing for a wide variety of industries. Our clients have come to understand and value the services McClarin brings to their businesses. One such client realized a 30% growth in their business after partnering with McClarin. How? By contracting out the manufacturing of a fiberglass housing component, they saved the money they would have spent on expanding fiberglass operations to accommodate the need for increased housings. McClarin now supplies this company with housings that are assembled and ready for integration onto a combustion unit.

Contract manufacturers have the ability to streamline core business and help manufacturers focus on productivity. With expertise and valuable resources available to us, McClarin Plastics’ contact manufacturing brings together designing and manufacturing capabilities under one roof. We will help you keep that competitive edge while partnering with you on any product or component.

Please contact McClarin Plastics today to learn about how our hybrid design-manufacture capabilities can benefit, and streamline your process. 

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