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Contract Manufacturing: 3 Reasons a “Job Shop” Isn’t Enough

Posted by Jeffrey Geiman on Jul 31, 2014 1:19:00 PM

We all know that “you get what you pay for,” but there are other reasons to look at how value affects the bottom line in any supply chain. In selecting a supply partner, here are some items for consideration.

1. “Can your candidate support your supply-chain needs? In reference to a new product launch, second tier component supply management, and downstream design/doc control.”

2. The next question is: “Does your candidate offer the value-added services your product requires?”

Not all candidates can match the range of services that you may need from a high-quality contract manufacturer, which gives you enormous flexibility and reliability in producing and delivering your orders. Here are some of the services you should come to expect from a full-service supplier:

  • Assembly
  • Custom Painting
  • Logistics
  • Material Systems
  • Packaging
  • Adhesive Bonding

An all-in-one solution with management and supply-chain support, like McClarin support, is not typical in the marketplace.

3. “Is their expertise matched to the unique nature of your business?”

At McClarin, Value-Added Manufacturing is the hallmark of our success. We specialize in matching the unique requirements of each order from each customer in the most specific way possible. What sets our capabilities apart from even the most-sophisticated job shop lies in the extensive resources we can bring to bear on your project’s needs.

In terms of quality, we offer ISO 9001-certified manufacturing services bolstered by our own Quality Manual-regulated production values. With Certified Composite Technicians (CCTs) and a CCT Instructor on staff, Six Sigma Black Belt and Green Belt training, and a comprehensive program management system, we provide continuous improvement in results for all of our customers. Moreover, our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment are second to none in delivering the manufacturing expertise required to meet the most demanding orders.

So the next time you hear someone say that one of your components can be produced for a lot less by a job shop he or she knows about, ask yourself whether that’s really going to be good enough for your company’s bottom line. Then pick up the phone and talk to a premier contract manufacturer. 

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